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Linux User Net

The Linux User Net meets every Monday at 8:10PM Pacific Time on repeaters of the Amateur Radio Relay Group. Its purpose is to promote the use of Linux-based computers in Amateur Radio.

Current Activities

  • February 15, 2020: W7EET has organized a meet for those of us who want to use Linux computers for Amateur radio. There will be knowledgeable Linux users on hand to answer questions and to give help with problems users might be encountering.
    • Time: 10am to 2pm
    • Place: Finnegan's Bar and Grill in Newberg, OR, 2810 Portland Road (Highway 99W)

Repeater Frequencies

The Net operates on linked repeaters with the following frequencies: 147.040, 147.320, 442.325, 444.125 MHz, all with a 100 Hz tone. </br> [NOTE: The link is temporarily down, and the Net currently uses only the 147.040 repeater.]

Net Control Stations

  • Mark, KC7NYR (Net manager)
  • Mike, KA7PLE
  • Russ, KC7MM (Asst. net manager)
  • Yuuki, K7SAK

Let Us Hear From You

If you have comments, questions, or other contributions to the Net, we'd like to hear them. You can send them to us through the Contact Page on KC7NYR's Web site.

Net Topics

Net Projects

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