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Linux Vendors: where to buy a Linux computer

Topic notes for July 26, 2018 (KC7MM, NCS)

Probably the majority of users of Linux on the desktop started with a system that come with Windows, and then installed Linux either beside Windows or in place of it. Bun not everyone wants to do that. One might like to have the convenience of firing up Linux right out of the box, on hardware that is known to be compatible.

Tonight we try to answer the question: Where can I get a Linux computer?

We’ll look here at laptops and desktops, the types we commonly use for Amateur Radio. The Raspberry Pi and other SBCs constitute a special case that warrants separate coverage.

Retail builders

    • Laptop: 2 @ $1,200 & 2,000
    • Desktop: 4 @ $500-650
    • Distro: Ubuntu
    • Laptop: 6 @ $860-2,800
    • Desktop: 4 @ $590-2,700
    • Distro: Pop!_OS or Ubuntu
    • Laptop 2 @ $1400-1600
    • Disto: PureOS — Debian-based, emphasis on security
    • Destops 6 @ $249 - 549
    • Laptops 1 @ $799
    • Distro: Mint (10% donated to Linux Mint project)
  • Dell


  • Free Geek SE 10th, S of Hawthorne, Portland
    • Buy one on-site in their store
    • Earn one as a volunteer: 24 hours, build program

Portland-area source of used computers (Not Linux)

  • EcoBinary — In Beaverton @ Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy and Western Ave.
    • Main business is electrical and electronics recycling
    • Sell used laptops and desktop systems with Win 10 installed.


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