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Oregon ARES District 1 Net

I serve as an alternate net control station on the Oregon ARES District 1 Net. The Net runs every day from 7:30 to 8:00 PM, Pacific Time.

The Net operates on linked repeaters of the Amateur Radio Relay Group with the following frequencies: 147.320, 442.325, 444.125, 147.040 MHz, all with a 100 Hz tone, plus 146.720 MHz with a 114.8 Hz tone. It also has an alternate repeater on 146.840 MHz with no tone.

Fill Topics

Most D1 Net sessions have a few minutes when there is no business to be conducted; they are filled by discussing topics of interest to net participants. The topics I chose sometimes involve information available on the Web, links to which are listed below in reverse date order (most recent first).



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