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Software Defined Radio In Action

The intent of his section is to document my experience with SDR: Software Defined Radio.

I possess two SDR devices that connect to a computer via USB. I run only Linux on my computers, so my use of the devices – and my observations about it – will be in that general context.

I also own a direct-sampling SDR HF transciever, an Icom IC-7300. Though it's an SDR, it's designed to operate pretty much the same as an analog set, with knobs and buttons. The touch-screen interface for the menu system is its primary visual digital distinction. I particularly like the filters, which are extremely adjustable and are automated nicely. I also like the fact that it has a USB port for direct connection to a computer, without having to to use a special adapter or cable. Also, the USB port makes two connections, one of which is a sound card that can be used by the computer for digital mode operation – though I haven't yet tried it.

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