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Skywarn spotter

Being a Skywarn spotter is a way to contribute to emergency preparedness, by helping NWS to better deal with severe weather conditions.

  • What does a Skywarn spotter do? Observe specified severe WX conditions and notify NWS
  • Forecasters need observers to tell them of things their instruments can't detect. Observations also are used as historical climate data.
  • Is a NWS national program. Spotters don't need to be a Ham – anyone can become one by completing the NWS training.
  • Don't need any special equipment — just your powers of observation.
  • Don't need any knowledge of weather — NWS will teach what you need to know.
  • What's involved:
  1. 1.5 to 2 hour training, where you learn about what conditions to look for — your local NWS may specify its own in addition to the national standards. You will be given access to a spotter's field manual that's available online and may be downloaded.
  2. You are issued an ID designator, which is tied to your geographical location, and given contact information that lets you report it: telephone, Web. Also can report on a local Skywarn net, if active.
  3. You should keep an eye on current WX and forecasts so you can spot extreme conditions if they occur.
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