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Mesh Net for Hams

The Linux User Net is working to establish a working mesh network for Amateur Radio use. The net will be constructed using commercially-available wireless network equipment, flashed with firmware from Broadband-Hamnet and AREDN. The initial effort is being made on the west side of the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area. For more information on the net, go to the project forum.


The goal of the project is to create a radio-based network that will be useful to local Hams in their daily Amateur Radio activities. The network may also be useful for use in emergency situations, but that is not a primary consideration.


Notes on planning the net are located here,


In keeping with the purpose stated above, we plan to explore networked applications that have to potential to provide useful services on a daily basis. This being a Linux User Net project, the emphasis will be on software that runs on Linux computers. At this early stage, we have identified some candidates to look into, which are listed below.




Voice chat service

File sharing


NAS with Raspberry Pi

Web server



Applications for Installation on Router

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